Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Cotswolds tour

The plaque is on a "kissing Gate" on a walking path from Upper Slaughter to Lower Slaughter. The gate is a swivel gate within a u-shaped fence so that cattle cannot escape, I assume.
The person who holds the gate for the next walker gets a kiss for their kindness.

Erika and I took a tour of the Cotwolds on July 4 with many other Americans who were staying in and around Bath. The Mad Max tour ( Mad stands for Maddy and Max was the dog) took us to Castle Combe, Bibury, Stow on the Wold, The Slaughters and Tetbury. Here are some pics of the day, just too beautiful for words really. Seriously, everything in these towns looks like this. Little did I know that while I was looking at this beautiful area my own lawn, according to Judy had turned to what sounds like potato chips when you walk on it. I had some difficulty being stuck in the tour bus all day but I settled in pretty quickly and enjoyed.

I did a little sketching in Stow on the Wold and chatted with a guy from Seattle are about his travels.

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