Saturday, July 10, 2010

The trip home

I ordered a taxi to take us to the station on Wednesday morning as I did not want to start the day needing another shower. I paid for their tickets to get me as far as Paddington station as I did not want to play on the tube by myself. I knew I would be too overwhlemed with the amount of foot traffic and the number of trains running. I am so glad I asked them to escort me. I had a teary goodbye and then boarded the express train to Heathrow. Heathrow was easy to navigate and the plane took off without incident.
Here's Nancy on the tube.

I sat next to Darrien who is 737 Pilot for the Lakers, Diamond Backs, and Metallica. He had some interesting commentary on the trip. I landed in Minnesota and was feeling so close to home, but oh, my next plane was delayed 2.5 hours and I did not actually touch ground in Windsor Locks until 1:10 am. (6:10 am London time).

Wow was it hot, I am so happy that I missed the worst of the heat, the AC is in Judy's room. I foolishly told her she could have it this summer. Had fitful sleep until about 9 am then got up and oriented myself to my house and oh yes, TIFFANY, who did not bite me once in the night. Historically when I come back from vacation she has a 15 minute fit where she nips at me.

Adjusting to home has been a little difficult as I want to prolong the feeling of the trip and the easy access to towns and villages. Our towns and cities are just not set up the same way. I am mostly forced to use my car to get some market items and I don't have a pastry shop with scones within walking distance, just D and D. I'll have to find a good recipe and not over work the dough.

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