Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hello from Bath

Well, the internet troubles continue to plague this trip. The library in Bath has blocked the blog so I am left to rent time on the YMCA computer but cannot find a USB port. UGH.
We had dinner at Jaime Oliver's restaurant tonight and last night for that matter. It is called Jaime's Italian. Last night I had some fried polenta with rosemary and parmesean, a cured meat board (whowa) and a small portion of asparagus risotto. Tonight I ordered the steak med rare and it arrived well done so back it went and at the same time the guy at the next table got a toothpick served in his food. Poor Anna, our waitress was having a toughie. But the returned steak was fabulous.

We walked around town today checking out shops and made our way to the roman baths. They were amazing...walking on stones that were tread on by Roman sandals??? unreal. The oictyres are all taken at the Baths. the water is green because of the algae that is growing in it, it does not come out of the spring that way obviously. It's a hot spring so the the humidity level inside is a little intense, for me anyway.

The girls are planning a trip to some ruins tomorrow, but I'd rather wander town and check out some of the museums. write soon and often.

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