Friday, July 2, 2010

A lazy day in Bath

Nancy and Erika headed off to Glastonbury to align with the earth, no to see the Abbey ruins and a cathedral. I crawled back into bed after breakfast. I hurt my shoulder and neck yesterday doing what??? had myself a little nap and was out and around town by 11. I enjoyed lunch at a place called the Walrus and the Carpenter and they had a great mix of new American folk playing. It was such a surprisingly comfortable feeling. After lunch I took the open top bus tour of the city, a bit campy but worth the $ to get a big picture. Once the bus tour ended I headed for the Parade Park which is a large park next to the River Avon. There are lawn chairs available for folks to use, so I sat and sketched until I came back for laundry duty.

video of the River Avon and Bath from the parade park.

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  1. Wouldn't I love to just sit and look at that all day!