Thursday, June 24, 2010

24.6.2010 from Conwy

Hello from Wales,
photo of me on the walls of the city protecting Conwy Castle. Still have not been inside as we arrived toolatee the first night. The scenic pic is from myyouth ostel bedroom window. We have an ensuite (bath in the room) this time so we are constantly jockeying for position at the sink. The hostel in Conwy is at the top of a huge hill, like Skinner mountain roadway. It is clean and run very well. The archway over the train tracks was the first thing I saw when I got off the train in this harbor city.

The video which I just figured out howto upload is of the harbor and castle, enjoy. Will try to edit the older entries with video also. Takes a very long time to upload.


  1. The video is not working (unless you recorded during a power outage at midnight!)

  2. i saw the video perfectly! It was so nice to hear your voice.

  3. Your video is fine, it is a computer at the library that doesn't function.

  4. Love the picture of you! I am trying not to ask, "When are you gonna be back?" but I went to the first literacy study group last night and am now bursting with things to talk about. Kyle glazes over the minute I say "literacy" sooooo... When are you gonna be back???

  5. should i pay your discover bill?..due on the 8th..sorry to go public..but i dont know if you are checking fb.
    Tiff let me pet her last night. MCC was awesome!

  6. Shawna, nice to hear from you. I'll be back on the 9th of July. Full work week on the 12th. I am excitied to talk to you about the literacy grant and I understand he glazing over things. Tell Kyle to hang in there.

    I am so glad you got the video working, check the old posts as they have videos now.

    mcc- you and I are on fb soon