Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ludlow Castle

Here we are at Ludlow Castle. Nancy is on the left and you know the rest, yes that is my sister Erika. Our first day of full sun and wow did we all pay for that. Lets just say I have my base now. The grounds were lovely and the Shakespear festival was seeting up the set for a performance so so,me access was limited. We climbed up some pretty narrow staircases which I could only imagine someone going to protect the castle would have done years ago. The windows, don't know if you can see from this pic are smaller or non existant onthe bottom so that penetration of the castle was minimized. I still have some notes to right about it and when I finish them I'll update some more. Updates about Ludlow- was built in the 1300's commissioned by Edward II for a Baron named Mortimer. The Mortimer family was an ally to Edward so they lived in this castle which is not as big as a castle that would be built for a king.

360 degrees inside the walls of the castle compound.

WARNING: this may cause motion sickness- watch at your own risk. This is a garderobe, or toilet. I was in the castle, below what would have been the great room and went looking for the garderobe, just look at how many turns you need to make to use the facilities.


  1. I want to visit this castle. I cant imagine walking around in anything that old, although my parent's house comes close.
    And tiff won't come out from under the bed. Should i put her food and litter box under there?
    She wonders if it is too late for her to say that she would like to go stay with the crazy cat at grampa's house?
    And thanks for all the information..i loved it. The wall is actually mentioned in the Outlander book i am reading.
    And thanks for the posts.

  2. That is a beautiful picture! Sounds like a great experience you're having there!