Wednesday, June 23, 2010

how are the pints, pubs and prawns?

So I was asked about the pints, pubs, and prawns... if you did not see my response post, the beer is preferred warm here and the pepsi is icy in some case. The prawns make me nervous as I have seen them on a few plates, they are typically fried. I went to a pub in the town of Once Brewed, near Hexam, where we spent our first night and I had a local warm pint. It was similar to BBC steel rail, but less than... Each night in Leominster we ended up in a pub at the Hotel Talbot (free wifi when working) where the atmosphere is more early English paneling and beams, but 1980's era upholstered furniture. We were often one group of two or three and clearly the youngest. At that point I had switched to G and T's with lime, even thought they continually give me a lemon. I have learned that before I order anything I ask the server to describe it as more often than not there is something in it for which I do not care. Example, tonight's meal was Welsh Rarebit on toast with an egg and I think I have ordered an appitizer, but it also comes with a salad that is drowning in green and red bell peppers and red onions. Those who know me, not my fav. Entree was Garlic and leek sausage, turns out to be smothered in onions. I loved it, but it was a shame to toss all those onions.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting gastric adventure!..It also sound s like you are having a great time.. Tiff meowed 5 times today and let me rub her head..she was desperate.