Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catching up on entries

Working backward here. I got out of order in Conwy and need to go back and add some pics and descriptions.
Here we are in Conwy youth hostel doing our laundry and postcards, well, someof us are doing postcards. The very next night I was introduced to PIMMS and lemonade, a lovely refreshing summer drink with strawberries, mint, cucumber, and oranges. The managers of the hostel made us a pitcher as we had been put out a little by the washer turning my laundry tie dye blue. Yup, that was fun. I washed in cold and the clothes came out as if boiled.

Erika smelling the roses on her way down the hill to Conwy. We are outside the castle walls and about to enter the village through the pedestrian access arch. We tried to get local brew at the pubs but when I asked they wanted to serve me Guinness so we found out our youth hostel sold the local brew and here it is. The Honeye Fayre on the far left was what Nancy and I tried and it was quite good with a nice Conwy honey finish.

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