Saturday, June 19, 2010

What no internet again and again?

So we had some, ok lots of trouble in the north getting internet connections so we are now in Leominster (pronounced Lemster), where the library was supposed to "hhok us up" however their's went down before we arrived and will be back up just after we leave. Finally found the Hotel Talbot where there is not only free wi fii but it is up and running, the only place in town. Today we visited the priory and did lots of shopping. I sketched some of the twen and then had some tea at arather eclectic tea room where we were also treated to her accordian. We will not have internet again until Tuesday. Hope you are all well.


This is a 360 view of the center streets in Leominster.

This is Norrie, musician and restuarant owner. We had tea at her tea room one afternoon and she had just returned from a fete so she had her squeeze piano. really fun!


  1. It looks wonderful there! But where is the info about the pubs? and pints? And who is Hadrin? And what was the wall for? These are the things i want to know..Tiff says meow.
    In other news. Traci and Katie were in the same space today, and there was no war. My dad ate dogs off the grill without complaining, and my sister sat in the house and played cards the whole time.
    I'm glad you are having fun. I am adjusting to the whole house.

  2. I thought of you while standing in the Sunwheel in Amherst at 5AM this morning. It was very cool - the experience, not the temp. Even cooler than sunrise was finding out that by turning in the opposite direction, you can watch the earth's shadow set. Or look east to watch it rise at sunset. Amazing. I'd love to be listening to sheep all night.

  3. Came back again today..hoping for more news, but alas and a lack..there was none.

  4. You're experiencing a different culture, so we will be patient with the lack of internet. :) Just enjoy...and hopefully do some sleeping!

  5. So Judy, here's the little I took in while in my sleep deprived coma. The Hadrians were Roman and the wall was built between Engand and Scotland so that the Romans could keep track of those entering the country. Every Roman mile (you'll have to google that one) there was a milecastle (think guard tower) that was avilable for passage across the wall. Romans did not stick sround all that long in English terms.
    About pints and pubs- no one makes a martini over here, so I been playing with Gin and tonics. I have also discovered that they do not care for their beer icy cold, but rather what I think is too warm. I have had a hard time getting into pubs as they are already filled with young, as an adult at the hotel bar stated, nasty boys and they are pretty gonzo when I arive so I peek in and then go search for wifi.
    Sue, I go to Stonehenge when I head for Bath. But we did toast to the longest day of the year yesterday- sunrise at 4:20 a.m. and sunset, well I was just leaving the restaurant where I had closest to the best steak au poivre ever, made by an Italian chef and that meal took almost 2 hours so it was almost 10:30 and we still had time to walk back to the hostel get the cameras and take pictures.