Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 1 Harumph!

Well, it's 9:12pm and I am back at home. The very first leg of the trip was delayed enough that there was no way to make the international flight. I got on line at customer service and the line moved very quickly, until I approached. Once there, this lovely gentleman named John A assisted me with my rebooking. Apparently, he nor the agent at the 800 # could book the last leg of the trip which meant I would be in Amsetdam indefinately (better than Detriot). An hour and 17 minutes later they achieved success and reissued my tickets for tomrrow. My ride had come back to get me but had to wait 45 minutes as the tickets took so long. I felt so cheated to walk away with only 3 boarding passes. I wonder what my travel insurance covers? So, l;et the fun begin tomorrow.


  1. Crap luck, Kirsten. Someday ask me to tell you about the first leg of my honeymoon. Ever been to Pittsburgh???? Oy!
    Wishing you a safe and incident free flight and just enough sobriety to take some pics that aren't blurry. Keep your eye out for nice buttresses...

  2. tiff tried to kill me twice already. Doesnt she know i am her lifeline?