Thursday, June 24, 2010

A 9 million pound cafe

Hi folks,

All 3 of us boarded the bus for Caernarfon (pronounced Carnarvan) so Nancy could see Caernarfon Castle and Erika and I could take the Welsh Highland railroad tour. The tour was 4.5 hours long and took us into the Snowdonia mountain range in Snowdonia National Park. I sat in an open car- chilly and breezy, but unobstructed view of sheep, mountains, tunnels, cows, streams, rivers, lakes and piles and piles of waste slate. They have so much slate here in Wales and there is no demand for it here that they are closing the slate mines and farmers have found some very creative uses for the slate. Some have used it to make their fences by wiring it together and others have built very sturdy walls, 2 feet thick, 4 feet tall with them, and others have thrown the extra into a pile along the rail. It really is something to look up into the mountains and see sheep scattered way up high. Erika and I are photographed in front of Mt Snowdon, you can just make out the summit house in the clouds. They deconstructed the former summit and had to chopper the items out and then the new items in, £9 million - approximately $13.5 million.
The first video is about 270 degrees of the scenery on the train. No motion warning necessary.

This video is the town square in Caernarfon.

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