Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Leominster Pics

Here are some of the pictures from Leominster. The senter of the city with it's teeny streets and buildings overhaging the streets as when they were built, they only paid taxes on the foot print. The next picture is sunset around 10:20 pm. So amazing. After that is the 2 bottles of cream that I found on my walk for cappucino this morning as I forgot to purchase caoffee and the fixins' before I went into the hostel last night. It was the hottest cappucino ever!

The stay in Leominster was lovely and I wad so sad to be leaving. I made so many nice connections with people who were willing to tell me their stories. It is not a typical tourist town so I believe they are willing to be chatty because it is so infrequent. Most folks ask if I am Canadian and are very surprised when I saya American. Margot, why is that?
Met a man from Glasgow ( almost 65) who cycled on his bicylce to all the interesting sites outside the Leominster city limits. almost 50 miles per day. Also Met a man named Richard who is involved in charity races across England, by foot, bus, train, mini bike while staying in hostels- he has retired and was bored. poh and he has a collection of Victorian white porcelain toast servers-the most of anyone in Brittain. HMMM.

This is the view as you leave the youth hostel. As you walk out towards the Priory church on the grounds, there are lush gardens, a cemetary, and lots of mole or vole hills (really a shame all those piles of dirt on theproperty).A quick view of the inside of the priory church.


  1. I can't get my head wrapped around a ~10:30 sunset! I saw Stonehenge was on the itinerary. So what does a Victorian toast server look like?
    Glad you're serving as a one woman good will ambassador, destroying the ugly American image.
    Steak au poivre - Yum.

  2. Hi Sue, It is so great to hear from you. A victorian toast server would be something that the toast, once toasted is brought to the table for display. it looks essentially what we would hold mail in before we posted it.