Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Somewhere near Conwy

We went to Bodnant Gardens on our last full day on Conwy. I was trying to keep track of the towns we went through but the Welsh got the best of me, by the time I got through Llandudno Junction to change buses I lost track. Scenery was amazing. woodland, floral, foliage, water gardens, rock gardens, lily ponds

There were a lot of folks in their Sunday best, on a Monday, walking the grounds and the steep inclines.

The archway is Hiburnum (sp?) and we missed the yellow flowers by 4 weeks.


  1. What's the tree with the gnarly trunk? Could the yellow flowered trees be laburnum (golden chain tree)?

  2. Sue, Thanks for the info you are right about the laburnum, I did not have my notes in front of me when I wrote that. Check the mail in a few days for one in full bloom. I took pics of some of the interesting foliage and tree tags, but thepics are a mess right now. I cannot wait to sow you all the pics. You'll have to come for dinner and a slide show. Are you just jumping up and down thinking about the slide shows of yesteryear?