Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Prince of Wales

What a great start to the day. We situated ourselves just inside the 5 Arches on the wall that surrounds the city and waited for 11 am to roll around. We had intended to split up and all get shots from different angles, but in the end Nancy and I stood next to each other and she got a fantastic video of the Prince kissing the baby next to her. Camilla was working theother side of the street.
There was not a huge turn out which surprised me, but makes sense as I thought about it more. Wales was taken by England and the Welsh have not forgotten. After the event we wandered the streets looking for something to do until our train arrived. I spotted a few cars.


  1. really fabulous pics..good eye for colors!..and thx for the updates too!

  2. I am totally Camp Diana - would've tripped Camilla. Or maybe just asked her how she felt about the fact that she'd never be Queen, now...
    Great pictures! it's been fun keeping up :-)

  3. Shawna, Great to hear from you. I was totally in the Diana camp too. He was much shorter than I imagined. Erika shook Camilla's hand and chatted but I wasn't interested in her. \just thepics of the prince