Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tales from Tenby

I saw the Archbishop of Canterbury today. He was at St Mary's Church in town and I hung outside with some new friends I met this morning.

So here's what happened, Ann and Gwilym are from Port Talbot Wales and they are here on holiday. We met on the benches along the esplanade this morning. Big drop over the right fence to the beach. Well we chatted about her father being stationed in DC as a clerical during WWII and that she was a librarian. We exchanged more general pleasantries and then said good bye. Not 20 minutes later I run into them again and we laugh and giggle about it. And then about 30 minutes later I arrive behind the church with Erika and there are Ann and Gwilym again.

After chatting and waiting for the service to end I took a picture of them with Archbishop Rowan Williams and I will email it to their son, once he emails me his address. They were literally tickled pink and kissed me and Erika twice to thank us. She did ask if this was something dodgey but I shared that I was so pleased to be able to do something like this for them.
On our way to dinner tonight, who did we bump inot again? yup Ann and Gwilym. It felt fantastic to have a connection them.

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  1. omg..such a great story. but yes celestine prophecy stuff, you are right about that. Amazing. And very good pictures! nice chatting with you tonite!